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The CORP To CONSULTANT™ Program is a comprehensive, high-performance coaching program for expert corporate professionals who are ready to unlock their potential, reclaim their time, and increase their income by leaving their corporate jobs and creating their own consultancy in the next 12 months.


Let's face it - You've already claimed this year as the best one yet! You've started telling yourself that this year is going to be your year to move past the daily dread of going to your job.

It might even be the case that you are starting this year off figuring out your next step after having been laid off from your job.

And even still, you may actually love your job and the work that you do, but you know that you are being UNDER-valued, UNDER-appreciated, and dare I say UNDER-paid.

You want to experience more financial and lifestyle freedom. You want to control your own income potential and you want to work the way you want to work.

We help you leverage your faith and expertise so you can replace and increase your existing income by building your own consulting company.

We have spent years helping tech professionals, like you, move from CORP To CONSULTANT™. We help guide you through the process of developing a strong foundation so that you can create a SUSTAINABLE consultancy.

There are 4 main objectives we want you to get out of our CORP To CONSULTANT™ Program: 

  • Maximize your decision to start your own Consulting company
  • Build a strong foundation
  • Catch the big fish
  • Continuously improve so that you can grow and scale  


  • Tech professionals who are fed up with the status quo and want to leave their corporate jobs to start their own consultancy.
  • Tech professionals who have been caught in a riff (laid off), and who want to take control of their own career path and income-earning potential.
  • Tech professionals who have branched off into consulting, contracting, or freelancing, and you now want to grow your pipeline of contracts and your book of business.
  • Tech professionals who understand the expertise that they bring to the table; but who need help taking the next step and/or taking their business to the next level.
  • Tech professionals who are serious about building a sustainable consulting business and are ready to put in the work to make it happen.


  • People who are content with where they are and have no desire to make any moves away from their current situation.
  • People who have NO CLUE what their technical expertise is.
  • People who are beginners and have not yet gained the necessary experience to claim expertise in a particular technical skill set.
  • People who are not serious about doing the work - this program is not one where I support your inability to take leaps toward your next level. If you are not ready to show up confidently and make decisions as the CEO of your own business, this is not the program for you.


The format of the CORP To CONSULTANT™ program will be the "key" to getting you to your first or next consulting gig. Once we've connected on your Next Step Call, I’ll give you the exact format and we’ll see if it works for you. Our format is the right mix of:


Comprehensive workshop-style training, teaching you what to do.


Virtual coaching and study hours, showing you how to do it (replays will be made available for those that cannot make the LIVE coaching calls).


Private Slack Channel, Peer masterminding + 1:1 support to ensure you learn how to CEO better.


This program is not cheap. It's not designed to be. The Tech Professionals we have already coached have added hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue so they know my methods work.

However, (at this stage) you don’t know that they’re going to work for you. To give you some comfort, I am prepared to guarantee your results.

If you implement everything you commit to (as guided by me) then I will guarantee that you get results. If you implement everything and do not get results during the program, then I will work with you for free until you do.

Simple as that. You implement everything you commit to with my guidance and you get guaranteed results...PERIOD.

Sound good?

Start owning your own income potential

You've been working so hard on growing your skillset and increasing your knowledge, now it's time for you to maximize your earning potential.  

Whether you are a corporate employee or already an independent consultant/contractor, you have been doing whatever it takes to shine at work. And doing whatever it takes often includes:  

  • Spending countless hours working harder, but not smarter
  • Missing time with your family and loved ones
  • Being stuck to a desk all day, every day, and feeling like life is passing you by
  • Being limited to the amount of income that you can earn for your expertise and skillset
  • Confusing over-delivering value with over-giving your time


We are 100% committed to helping our clients get results.

 But just as committed as we are, we cannot do the work for you. We keep our "accountability eyes" on you and will invite you to exit if we see that you don't carry the same level of commitment to yourself and your business.

Let us help you create the lifestyle you desire

You need money to survive, and for years you believed that the way to do that was to spend your time working behind a desk, for a company, while earning a paycheck every other week.
The CORP To CONSULTANT™ program helps you leverage your skillset to earn the income that you desire while working the way that you want to work.

You've stayed on your job all these years because you needed "benefits."
The CORP To CONSULTANT™ program helps you create a consulting business that generates enough revenue to pay for the benefits that you require to live the life that you desire.

Some of the benefits of the Accelerator:

  • Strategic Business Coaching
  • Bi-Weekly LIVE Deep Dive Training Sessions
  • Bi-Weekly LIVE Implementation Sessions
  • Weekly Mindset Training
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Client Success Coaching (Accountability)
  • Private Slack Channel for Support
  • 24/7 Access To The Content Container
  • 3 In-Person Client Retreats
  • Community, Community, Community


1 Payment of $20,000
(20% discount!)


Monthly Payments Lower Than


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